For the last few years, Sydney has seen the most interest in Granny Flat Building anywhere in Australia. The fact that Granny Flats, or ‘secondary dwellings’ are allowed to be tenanted to non-family members, makes building a granny flat in Sydney or NSW a financially viable option and makes researching the best Granny flat builders Sydney has on offer a worthwhile exercise. Coupled with this is the recent rise in Sydney real estate prices, meaning that people who already own property in Sydney are looking to add the most value they can to their blocks to fully capitalise on their lands value.

Granny flat builders Sydney wide have evolved to offer a number of both custom and off the plan solutions for this growing market, and there are a number of builders specialising in Granny Flats in the greater Sydney area, as well as the Central Coast, and down towards Wollongong. Avalon Granny Flats offers a custom approach to Granny Flat design and building. A lot of properties around Sydney have limited or difficult available space to construct a Granny Flat, so these blocks do not suit an off-the-shelf product – rather a custom designed granny flat that will be tailored to suit the constraints of that property.


Minimum Lot Size: 450 sqm | Maximum Size: 60 sqm | Rented to: Anyone

Well done NSW, you did it right – a Statewide Planning Policy! Granny Flats Sydney and NSW wide can be approved in 10 days as long as they meet the complying development provisions outlined in the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP. Basically what this means is that if you keep your to a certain size and abide by certain rules, you know you’ll get approval – regardless of which council you are in or if any of your nosey neighbours have a problem with it.

In NSW, you are also allowed to rent out the secondary dwelling to non-family members, as opposes to your neighbours Qld and Vic where this is illegal.

There are 6 main rules that you need to adhere to in order to get quick and hassle free approval

1) There is only one house and one granny flat on the block

2) The combined total floor area of the house and granny flat still complies with the local council environment plan

3) The maximum floor area is 60 square metres

4) The granny flat meets the requirements of the building code

5) The lot is not subdivided, and is a minimum of 450 square metres.

6) The Granny Flat meets the planning controls such as building heights and setbacks for the SEPP

So all in all – pretty straight forward. If you want to push the boundaries a little bit and look at either a bigger Granny Flat or anything that will require a relaxation on any of the setback or height controls, then you will still need to go through the Development Application process (DA) which can take longer and isn’t always guaranteed, this will also give those nosey neighbours the opportunity to voice their opinion.

The link to the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP can be found here but it actually makes pretty boring reading so if you’d rather just talk to one of the team here about it, feel free to give us a call on 0406488814 or drop us an enquiry below.


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Find the best Granny flat builders Sydney Wide

There are two ways that a Granny Flat building can be approved in Sydney, it can either be approved as a complying development construction (CDC) or as a Development Approval (DA) There are a set number of rules that apply for a Granny Flat to be approved as a complying development construction (CDC) A number of the Granny Flat builders Sydney offers will only take on jobs that will meet the complying development requirements, where others will take on the more complex jobs that require the development approval path. The development approval method requires more time and money, as there are associated fees with the application to council, as well as some extra documentation required, but it also means that you can stretch the limits of the complying development rules, and achieve something that is more suited to your property.

Most Granny flat builders Sydney has to offer will have a number of set plans that will suit the basic needs of a complying development, but if you have a steep block or a block with limited access, then you may need to approach a custom Granny Flat builder that services the Sydney market who can design something to suit the block that will work with the restraints of the property. Avalon Granny flats does just this, with years of experience designing and planning complex and difficult sites.

Granny Flat Builders Sydney

There are a number of resources available for people looking to find out the rules and regulations for building a Granny Flat in Sydney. The NSW state government has created a Granny Flat fact sheet that is a great guide to understanding your block and the rules and regulations that you need to follow to achieve a complying development. Granny flat builders Sydney wide use these sorts of resources to plan and design granny flats, studios, and extensions across Sydney.