Get Included!…….one of the most important aspects of planning and building a granny flat, kit home, new home, even a garden shed – is understanding what is included, and what’s not – it’s that simple.

At Avalon Granny Flats, we aim to be as clear as possible about what you will get for your money, and what’s not included.

The concept is the same across anything you pay for, you want to know exactly what you are going to get for your money before you hand over the dough, and so you should – you earned it!

Avalon Granny Flats – Inclusions
Now, don’t be upset if you don’t like the oven. We want you to get exactly what you want in your granny flat or extension – so we can customise the inclusions as much as possible. We even allow you change the whole plan if you want to, and material choices are also going to be dependant on where and what you are building.


Most Granny at kit homes companies typically supply to the same stage of the build, which is your internal linings and doors, so no real surprises with us, but we have one massive difference – we include and manage all the approvals! In our opinion the most stressful and complex part of any building project – working with certifiers and council to get the build out of the ground and up and running.

Just as with our fully built Granny Flats, we love to personalise these things, so really encourage people to make changes. We believe in unique and thoughtful building design, that reflects the personalities and living needs of those that will use it. So, if you’ve got a list of changes, let us know via the Contact Us page and we can talk about how we can get one of these at your place.

All of our Granny Flat Kit Homes come with a detailed user and installation manual, and we also offer a full time support team to talk you through any difficult aspects or things you are not quite sure about. Frames and trusses come pre- fabricated so there is no need for on-site construction of frames. IN the odd occasion that there is some specialist building or carpentry required, we can find the right people to come and fix up the job – no problems.