Building a Granny Flat in 2017

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Here’s a few answered questions we thought may help you out when exploring the option of putting a Granny Flat on your block. We hope this helps, but we are always here to answer any further questions you may have…..

How big can I go with my Granny Flat?

They range anywhere from 50sqm to 90sqm – depending on council and state.

How much room do I need to build a 2nd Dwelling on my block? 

In some areas, you can build on a block as small as 450sqm! So it pays to check anyway. It does depend on the size of the main dwelling and location of it on your block. If you can see clearly a granny flat is going to fit then we would work with you to fit within your own setbacks.

How much does a Granny Flat Cost to build?

Allow minimum 120k for a one bedroom or 130k for a 2 bedroom. This would be for a fully completed design/build/turn key home. If you are looking for something very basic like a backyard studio/room with no kitchen or bathroom you are able to get cheaper style shed options around.

My block is sloping, can I still build a Granny Flat?

Yes you can! A lot of companies plans will only be suited to a flat block, but at Avalon granny Flats we can easily design something to work well with whatever style block you may have.

 What sort of requirements do I need to comply by?

One of our most common questions here…each council for your location has its own set of rules so there is no general answer to this. This is something we handle anyway so we will work with you to design something of your taste and budget that is going to be compliant with your own council guidelines. We also can lodge a DA (Development Approval) with your council if you wanted something a bit left field in your design.

Can we change your Plans OR are you able to design something new for us?

Yes, it is no problems to change any or our plans or come up with something completely new for you. Most of our clients tend to do this and there is no additional charge to alter plans or start from scratch. We would rather design something 100% to your own taste and block conditions than put something unfitting in there.

Can I select my own finshings?

Of course. We like to be as flexible as we can with this to ensure you get the perfect outcome. We can offer a range of selected style if you wanted a quick and easy solution OR you can let us particular items if you had your own thoughts on this.

How long does it take to build a Granny Flat?

The building time is only about the 8-10 week mark, but is good to keep in mind the time you will need for design, approvals and selections. We try and move as efficiently as we can with this side of things, so it just depends on what you are wanting to achieve with your build really. Something simple and complying is going to be far quicker to get the tick of approval than a complex design which needs development approval. As an average about 8 months from very start to finish is certainly achievable.

Does my Granny Flat have to be separated from house?

No, you can certainly extend on your current dwelling it is normally the more expensive way to build. If you can fit something separate it’s the more cost effective option for you.

Can I build a Granny Flat as my main residence?

Yes, you certainly can. Some of clients are just after a smaller custom home, but we can really design anything you are after.

Where do I start??

If you are weighing up your options you can either give us a call to get some general info on your block. We have access to a mapping system which will give us a pretty good idea if a Granny Flat is going to work for you or not, OR you can give your local council a call to get the basic requirements from them.  TIP – If you happen to have a Survey or RP plan handy at time of calling this is always of extra help and will provide even further details as what you are able to achieve.

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