10 EASY ways to be a lil’ Greener

By May 19, 2015 No Comments
  1. Go LED with your lighting. They do tend to cost a bit more then incandescent lighting, but they consume far less power and last 15 times longer! As an added bonus they do not contain the toxic metal Mercury, which once enters the environment is never broken down.
  2. Add some Indoor Plants. It’s nice to have a bit of nature and colour scattered throughout and the great thing is all indoors plants (flowering or not) are able to purify indoor air to some extent through their normal photosynthesis processes. Some are more beneficial than others and a small selection of these include: Lady Palm, Aloe Vera, Kimberly Queen Fern, Marginata, Orchid, English Ivy to name a few.
  3. If renovating or building from scratch, try choose a Natural Rubber or Linoleum flooring over Vinyl. Vinyl (otherwise known as PVC) is not generally speaking biodegradable. PVC contains oil, a fossil fuel.
  4. In warmer climates try switching from Air conditioning to Bamboo Blade ceiling fans. If you don’t like these any fan will be more beneficial when it comes to saving you energy and of course being environmentally friendly.
  5. Latex is a good option for sleeping as it does not contain any chemical’s that could irritate the airways. Natural latex mattresses are made from milk harvested from the rubber tree. Tip: Avoid synthetic versions.
  6. Use timers and thermostats to control space heating and thermostats to control water heating. You will find this will make a significant difference, even if only by one or two degrees.
  7. With winter just around the corner getting slowly harder to get up through the night or those chilly early mornings. Try an under blanket or extra bedding layer on top. If you still can’t bear getting out of bed, use a timer to control heating times, or even just set heating to go off half an hour before getting up. Every little bit helps.
  8. Try putting a mini boiler in the kitchen. This way the hot water doesn’t have to travel all the way from the main cylinder in the house. It saves on water use as less cold water goes down the plug hole while waiting for the warm to come through.
  9. Full the washing load up to maximum capacity where possible to utilise your full cycle. If you do not have a full load, adjust the water level of your machine to save on water and power. Then rather than using your dryer opt for hanging on line where you can. The sun is free of charge and your clothes are going to smell fresher also!
  10. Lastly try going for Woolen carpet over synthetic carpets. It is biodegradable and normally lasts you longer too. Be aware as not all woolen options are green effective. Wool scouring uses a high amount of chemicals, which can in turn cause water pollution. The good news is some companies have changed their policies so there are a decent amount of environmentally friendly wool options available out there.