2015 Granny Flat Trends and Styles

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We take a close look at what the latest trends are for Granny Flat Design and Aesthetics – A must read if you are considering building a secondary dwelling in 2015.

The Exterior

Very important first element to get right when designing a Granny Flat! Gone are the days of Granny Flats being a little plain brick cottage in the backyard, these days there is a vast mix of styles and many people are trying to maximise space and design to ensure a positive return on investment and obviously an enjoyable living space throughout. A lot of people are turning to custom design for their Granny Flat builds and a great advantage of this is you are able to design and tie in the New Granny Flat to your existing dwelling, and at the same time design it to your own unique taste. Trending at the moment are angled roof lines (skillion and layered), contrasting colours, a combination of raw timber or steel and fibre cement cladding, wide timber front doors and feature designer porticos or patio roofs.


Our Tip – Try to pick colours that are not going to date. Neutrals tones are going stay in fashion longer and you can still pick contrasting neutrals that look great.

Living Area

Because a Granny Flat living room is typically smaller in size to your main dwelling you really want to be careful of its placement and shape, as it is probably the most used room in the house. To ensure good light it’s a good idea to have the lounge facing into open space like a backyard and this way you can open it right out (perhaps using bi-folds or stacker doors) onto the patio – instantly doubling your space. Obviously in warmer climates this is ideal but if you live in a colder area then a great idea is to put in a reverse stone wall fireplace in the lounge/exterior wall, so you can enjoy the comfort of the warmth both inside the lounge and outside on the patio.

Our design Tip – Brighten up the space with splashes of colour. At least you can change cushions and rugs down the track.


Another well used space in any home. With a granny flat you obliviously are not going to have a great amount of room to work with for this area, so something like a two-in-one island bench that you can utilise for both prepping and dining is ideal. You can simply pop some bar stools under to create the seating and dining area. Another similar alternative is to extend the end of the kitchen bench itself, doing a waterfall edge and using the end part as the table.


Main bedroom

This one is for the ladies, it’s something called a dual access walk in robe that is built on the back of a partition wall. These are all the go at the moment and such an ideal way to store all your clothes plus extra gear you hoard along the way. These are a modern touch to any bedroom so when designing your next home, big or small something to consider.


Our Tip for the bedroom – Plan your walk in robe shelving well so that you have plenty of hidden space along with the open space and make sure everything is going to be at reachable heights so its easy and quick to grab.


Stack it up! Again it’s all about saving space here and what better way that to go than upwards. In-built shelving in and around your machines is the way to go and at the moment people are going for open ladder shelving to store or your bits and bobs and modern or vintage hanging rods which is great for clothing.

Hallway/Entrance way

If your Granny Flat design does includea a hallway or entrance space then adding width really helps open things up and if opening up onto another room space, i.e lounge, its definitely going to make the overall space appear much larger. No need to overdo and clutter the area, a large feature art piece or hanging pendent light is going to be enough to jazz the space up. Also consider your front door, something with glass panels is a lot better for light and a good modern option that shouldn’t date quickly.

The Study

Many people are now including a study or extra small room in their plans and it is really is a good idea when you have guests stay, just want extra space for the kids if required, or a spare room to hang out in. If choosing to use as a study a really great idea is to incorporate a slimline or floating desk that doesn’t take up too much space, and a pull out sofa that doubles as a bed when guests stay, eliminating the need for a second bedroom and bulky queen size bed.